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Help us end the confusion!
Let’s solve this confusion once and for all!
Several years ago Ginny (aka the “Genie”) was a cookie artist baking cookies and other items under the name Creative Cookier.  Like many cookiers she struggled with stenciling and getting crisp lines and came up with a solution that is now known as the Stencil Genie!  From the success of that product she and her husband,  Doug,  embarked on a new business that focused on solving Cookier issues and bringing new products to you under the Genie brand. (The Genie name came from a contest won by Joanne Lima, thanks Joanne! Who knew that play on Ginny’s name she came up with would become the name of a whole line of baking products).
Items like the Stencil Genie, the new Screen Genie, Icing Genie and Thingamagenie are just a few of their inventions.
Additionally they bring you their proprietary blends like the fabulous Genie’s Dream meringue powder, cocoas, Genies Clearly Not Vanilla and let’s not forget their airbrush or crazy retreats, cookie cruises and more!
In the beginning they only sold these items here on the Creative Cookier website, (which you can still order from)but as the demand grew they started offering them through select baking supply stores that were Cookie decorators go to shops! So now you can find many of the Genie products in the US, and in limited places in Canada, Australia, the UK and Mexico as well as Amazon.
So yeah, Ginny IS Genie but she’s still the Creative Cookier (a Cookier at heart who now focuses on your cookie needs).
So now you know the connection too!
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