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Ankarsrum (ANK) Mixer

  • $699.95

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This incredibly powerful Swedish-designed machine is the Gold Standard of mixers. The ANK Mixer mixes royal icing better than any we've tried before and you can also load up a BIG batch of dough!  

This mixer has been made in Sweden since 1940. The unique design is reminiscent of a professional spiral mixer: Large, stable base (no rocking!), and wide bowl (easy to add ingredients and watch your batters and doughs come together)

The huge 8 qt capacity of this mixer allows you to make multiple batches of your favorite recipes at once.

Made of chrome and steel for maximum durability, the 600-watt mixer produces superior baking results. We particularly like the clever design of the arm: movable steel arm holds a roller and separate scraper in place, allowing the machine to simultaneously mix and scrape doughs and batters. 

  • Includes 8 quart stainless steel bowl, 3.7 quart double whisk bowl assembly (bowl, whisks, head gear, and shaft), dough hook, roller, scraper, spatula, dust cover/accessory bowl, cookie beaters, and manual
  • Features adjustable speed control with a 12 minute timer and bowl speed control (adjusts from 45 to 130 RPM)
  • Large plastic beater bowl whisks meringue, creams butter and icing, and can whip up to 18 egg whites at once
  • Warranty: 7 years on the motor base; 1 year on the attachments
Made in Sweden

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