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Beach, Please! - 1 King Bed for 2 Attendees at Guest House by Shop

Beach, Please! - 1 King Bed for 2 Attendees at Guest House by Shop

  • $1,200.00

This 2 attendee listing requires 1 attendee to pay for the whole space and you will need to "square up" funds with your roomie.  Room has a dedicated bathroom.
Beach Please Instructors
Brandy -Sweet Gypsy Bakery
Erin-Lucky Girl
Georgia -Baker Babe
Ginny-Creative Cookier
Becky-Coronado Sweet Cookie Studio
Those who book accommodations will come in Wednesday afternoon and we will take you from our shop to your accommodations.

We will have a light continental breakfast available at the homes daily.

Classes will be held at our shop and start each morning Thursday-Saturday around 9 am and continue til 6pm
Lunch will be served and plenty of snacks & drinks are always available.
We will have dinner around 7pm Wed-Saturday nights.
If you select a plan without accommodations you will still get lunch, drinks and snacks daily but the only dinner included will be Saturday night.
Retreat Guidelines
Just like the cruise lines we are following safety protocols for the attendees;
the instructors and staff are fully vaccinated and we are requiring that all attendees are fully vaccinated, as well.
By doing this, we are not requiring you to mask up, unless there are new protocols put in place by the CDC

The class is set up into two group areas with 3 six foot tables in each area. Two students will be at each table.

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