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Genie's Dream 10pc Premium Gel Food Colors (4.5 oz)

Genie's Dream 10pc Premium Gel Food Colors (4.5 oz)

  • $49.50

Genie's amazing, mixable, blend-able airbrush colors can easily be combined to produce virtually any color imaginable.

Kit includes: Midnight Black, Meringue White, Tomato Red, Emerald Isle Green, Vintage Blue, Rich Brown, Hello Yellow, French Lavender, Butternut Gold, Genie Pink 




Carrie: “I purchased their new gel colors awhile back and have been using them on and off. I love the pigments. I used it to color a piece of fondant and I was not wearing gloves. Was working with blue and had it all over my hands! Bad mistake, right? Not at all, it washed completely off and I was impressed.”

Kami: “Happy 4th of July! Ginny Levack, thank you for the new colors … LOVE them!! The tomato red and vintage blue were perfect for my 4th if July sets.”


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