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Genie's Dream Premium Meringue Powder 10# Poly Pouch

  • $174.95

Not all meringue powders are created equally. Genie’s Dream Meringue Powder is truly a dream! The texture & taste of your royal icing will amaze you and your customers. Don’t take our word for it, try our 2 oz sample pouch and see for yourself.

Already a loyal fan? Try our new 16 oz refill resealable pouch bag. It’s perfect for refilling your 1 pound tubs, putting into your own containers or just re-sealing the bag closed!


Ingredients: Modified Food Starch, Dried Egg White, Sugar, Gum Arabic, Sodium Aluminosilicate, Citric Acid, Potassium Acid, Tartrate, Vanillin 



Elizabeth: "I would like to apologize to every person I've ever taught before and have given my favorite ingredients. I have now found the ALL TIME BEST MERINGUE POWDER and I'll never use anything else. Thank you Creative Cookier!...The icing comes out so silky and smooth. Seriously! Amazing!"

Elise:"...I love love love the meringue powder, but ever since I made the switch from Wilton, I've been eating a lot more icing! I think I subconsciously over-flood now! It tastes so good, but I'm gaining 10 lbs! Thank you for the wonderful product."

Maura: I taught an intermediate level decorating class a few weeks ago. I had a very sweet fellow cookier friend (who is far more advanced) attend. I mixed up my icing with Genie's Dream Meringue Powder. She could not believe how shiny and smooth it was. We started piping and she immediately said, "This really is like a dream! I am ordering right now!" She had been using another brand for years and years. So, job well done! Again, as usual! Thank you for your awesome cookie tools.”

Made in a nut free facility.


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