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Genie's Dream Premium AirSpray Airbrush Colors (.7 oz) REG PRICE $2.95

  • $1.25
  • Save $-1.25

Genie's amazing, mixable, blend-able airbrush colors can easily be combined to produce virtually any color imaginable. 

Purchase them here individually.

If you want the 10-color kit, which includes all of Genie’s vibrant airbrush colors (and will save you some dough), CLICK HERE. If you want the larger bottles (4.5 oz) CLICK HERE.


Genie's Elegant Pearl AirSpray, a Creative Cookier original blend, is a gorgeous sheen color for your airbrush that is as beautiful by itself to add a soft glow or used as a base to make any color shimmer. CLICK HERE to buy the BIG 13 oz bottle.

The best part of the wonderful AirSpray colors is that they don't clog as much as other airbrush color brands! 


Christina: “I love Genie's products! My favorite airbrush accent is Genie's [Elegant] Pearl. I have almost used my whole bottle, time to order another.”


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