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Nozzle Wrench

Nozzle Wrench

  • $2.49

It's important to keep your airbrush in tip top condition and clean as a whistle for optimal workability. 

Changing out the Needle, Nozzle & Nozzle Cap is an easy and inexpensive way to breathe new life into your airbrush gun.

Sometimes other parts are needed to improve a gun's performance and sometimes, because they are so small, they go down the drain...they are slippery little suckers! the Trigger and Cup (Aux Lever) are also available here.

Maybe you need a Nozzle Wrench, to unscrew your nozzle for cleaning or replacement.

Remember, a clean airbrush gun will last longer and perform better, so here is a video to brush up on your disassemble, cleaning and reassemble skills.

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