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Penny's Candle

  • $5.00

Penny White, of Cookies by Penny, designed this candle which can be used to round out a birthday set or any set that has a celebration theme to it. This stylish candle can be decorated to match any theme.

Cutter size: see drawing

Cutter sizes are approximate and are measured from the widest part of the cutter.

Our cutters have a beveled cutting edge in order to give you a sharp, clean cut into your dough or fondant.  After use, if you see any buildup of dough on the bevel just use a semi stiff pastry brush to brush it off. CREATIVE COOKIER CUTTERS ARE NOT DISHWASHER SAFE. To avoid warping or distorting your cutter, please don’t expose to extremely hot water or heat sources. Washing in warm soapy water is fine.

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