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  • $3.00

You get two ThingamaGenies in each order!

Don't take our word for it! Here's what the gals at our CookieRehab Retreat had to say about it:

Catherine Allen: “This is a MUST have tool in your cookie decorating tool box!! The fact that you can sharpen it in a traditional pencil sharpener makes it amazing too! Plus, it's name is fun to say over and over!!!”

Jodi Rodriguez Beauchamp: “I love the side notches to use for scraping the sides of cookies, and the wide end to remove mess ups and being wider can help lift your cookie, fondant pieces and more!!”

Cyndy Hubler: “Flexibility in a single utility. It's great for eliminating bubbles in your flood icing, cleaning rough edges on cookies and the blade is great for trimming fondant work.”

BONUS: You can resharpen them in your old school pencil sharpeners if the point wears down!  

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